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American Enviro-Remediation - In situ Bioremediation of Oilfield Brine and Hydrocarbon from Produced Water & Oil Spills

Time, Labor & Cost-Efficient Solutions for Coastal Construction & Beach Renourishment Projects,
Erosion Control, Clearing & Grubbing & In Situ Bioremediation of Oilfield Spills

Time & Cost Efficient Coastal Construction Services 
Superior Environmental Consulting 
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Highly Effective In Situ Bioremediation of Produced Water & Oil Spills

Underlying all efforts at American Enviro-Remediation is our commitment to balance opposing forces:  Whether it is the economic forces of producing abundant affordable energy with stewardship and protection of our environment, or Mother Nature's toll on coastal shorelines with the preservation of wildlife habitat and the public's enjoyment of nature.  All matter.  As the over-arching common ground between environmentalists, the public, and oil and natural gas producers, we accomplish those goals within the integrated context of using new and developing scientific innovations, emerging technological improvements, and certified sampling, testing, and bio-monitoring methods to economically protect and restore fragile ecosystems from destructive impacts.

American Enviro-Remediation is committed to providing the highest quality regulatory compliance services and practical, economical remedies for environmental problems caused by natural forces, produced water or oil spills, by orphaned and abandoned well sites and pits, and from invasive, non-native plants. Our restoration processes follow recognized environmental standards for in situ bioremediation, and our team provides environmental remediation and compliance services within the context of regulatory expertise.  With a strong history in horticulture and effective clearing and grubbing processes, American Enviro-Remediation can identify and cost-effectively clear land that has been over-taken by non-native invasive species of plants and trees to return the land to a more natural and productive state.   

Common restoration and regulatory requirements accomplished by American Enviro-Remediation include:

  • Renourishment of eroded coastal beaches.
  • Remediation of historic oil pits.
  • Bioremediation of new or recent produced water or oil spills.
  • Site investigation, sampling, characterization and analysis.
  • Repairing saltwater "scars" on the land, or "legacy" saline-sodic sites that are typically more than 6 months old.  
  • Efficiently treating and closing well sites and pits.
  • Using non-nitrate and non-nitrate producing products for bioremediation that pose no health risks for living creatures. 
  • Regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Identifying, clearing and grubbing non-native species of plants and trees from land.